CustomEyes SidePack 2 SP-107 with Battery and Charger

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SidePack 2 Sp-107 monitor.

The Sidepack 2 comes standard with wifi, which allows you to view your camera inspection live on your smart phone or tablet (apple only). A free app that you download allows you to take pictures and videos of your inspection. Then from your smart phone you can email your photos and videos directly to the customer. The unit also comes with one touch usb recording. The usb also has wifi to email the videos with voice over directly to the customer as well.  You can also upload your inspections to facebook, youtube, or  you can even text message them. The Sidepack's  5" led screen allows for quick diagnostics.  While the wifi app gives you the versatility and freedom to walk away from your reel up to 200ft. No more lugging your reel on to roofs or crawl spaces, let the wifi do the work.

System Includes:

-Wi-Fi Capability
-Waterproof Case
-512 Transmitter activation
-LED Light Adjustment

-One Touch Usb Recording

- 5" led screen

-Ridgid® Seesnake® bulk head on rear of box for connecting to camera reel

-"SidePack" reel mount

- The Sidepack comes standard with (1) 18v battery and charger

- Optional Ac power pack can be purchased seperately

This Monitor is Compatible with any CustomEyes Camera or Ridgid® Seesnake® Inspection Reel.


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