CustomEyes CE-8873 512hz Locator

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Product Description

            CustomEyes Cameras CE-8873 512hz Line Locator
         Made in USA,   Free  Fast Shipping,   2 Years Warranty


Operating Frequency:
Sonde Mode: 512kHz
Line Mode: 512hz
Antenna Mode:
Peak & Left/Right Guidance
Display Indicators:
Backlit LCD bar graph, low battery, signal
strength, mode and function indicators
Audio Indication:
Variable pitch response
Current Measurement:
Display indicates relative current
Power Source:
18v Battery. Unit comes with (1) 18v battery and charger.
Signal Strength:
LCD bar graph, absolute signal strength 0-999
Gain Control:
Manual gain adjustment & automatic centering
Dynamic Range:
126 dB
Depth Measurement:
Push-button to 25’ & triangulation method

Operating Temperature:
-4º F to +133º F (-20º C to +55º C)

  • Backlit digital display for low-light reading
  • Locate Sondes up to 25 feet
  • Weather proof membrane buttons
  • Made in USA

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